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David during a recent mini film shooting on Mt Coolum on the value of Grace.
Looking forward, we want LeaderHeart to be a World Leader in the area of healing. Be it healing through Advanced Pastoral Care, Integrated Inner Healing, or Spiritual Growth.

To do this,  we  need more help than ever before.

Partnership Payment Options
Thank you for your support. It means the world to us.

It’s not just the financial support, but the heart behind it, that lets us know people are there cheering us all on.
David, Natalie and the LeaderHeart Team

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Choose to partner with us for
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Make a One Time Donation
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David Tensen
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“I can’t do it!!” 

It’s 10 am on a Saturday. TV is off. The kids are moving, wrestling, playing lego or tidying up from a lazy morning at home.  

A simple question to our boy about his Grade 4 homework, which is due Monday morning, has triggered an avalanche of emotion and frustration.

He shouts that he can’t do it, which is partially true. Because he needs help.

What he’s really saying is, “I need help because I can’t do it alone.”

(I’m grateful we’ve learnt to read between the lines. Thank you HSP info!)

Neither Natalie nor I will do the work for him, but we will help.  

Generally, being present with him at the dining table is enough. He does the work and we support and encourage him. Occasionally, leaning across to explain or explore something together. 

This is the Gift of Presence and Partnership.  

When we know others are with us, it makes the overwhelming task before us easier to move towards. It makes the impossible, possible. 

Who wants to be left alone when we are in need? 

Jesus knows how we are wired and His presence-in-us gives us strength. I love how he settles fears in His friends by assuring they won’t be left orphans. (Jn14:18)

For Natalie & I, the task and vision before us are surely big and overwhelming.

I’ll be honest with you, it can feel lonely at times. The workers that are equipped to Heal the Broken Hearted with Jesus are not plentiful. 

Yet, the need for healing seems to increase as hearts and homes become increasingly more broken, busy and complex.

As an indication of the need for equipped Inner Healers and Advanced Pastoral Care workers, this year I (David) have travelled to South Korea, India, Indonesia and beyond training, demonstrating, praying for leaders in need, in the area of Inner Healing.

If we add the Australian based travel, I have taught and preached over 95 times this year alone. 

Not to mention the countless hours we’ve spent in private ministry sessions. Webinars. Training Schools and Crisis Care situations.

“We can’t do it!!” 

We need your help.  

We need partners. We need those who will sit at the table with us and be present. Offering help, support and partnership.

If you are still reading, thank you. I know it’s been a year since we’ve written a letter seeking help and letting you in on what’s happening behind the scenes. I do appreciate your time.

Here ten significant things that have happened in the last 12 months.

1. LeaderHeart Ltd was registered in Australia as a charity with the ACNC. It has a board and is registered with the Crosslink Network of Churches.

2. Both David and Natalie finished all part-time employment with the local church and school to focus 100% of efforts on the ministry of LeaderHeart.

3. In July we commenced an online Mentoring Course for those interested in Inner Healing. It’s been a great success with 50 people enrolled and trained for the 6-week courses and many waiting for the October intake.

4. Natalie’s private Advanced Pastoral Care sessions are now booked weeks in advance.

5. David continues to prioritise Christian Leaders for private Inner Healing sessions.

6. Natalie is working on finishing her final practicum and remaining few subjects of her Bachelors Degree in Applied Social Science.

7. We have a wonderful and talented young lady moving interstate to our area to join the team and assist Natalie and me.

8. In July we made all our soaking prayer albums available for free download if people were not able to pay. This year over 4,200 albums have been freely downloaded (over $30k worth).

9. Our LeaderHeart Facebook page has grown to over 10,000 followers and since January last year, it's had over 2,000,000 video views (Yes, that's two million. No, you don't get paid when people watch them.)

10. Moving more efforts online have meant greater reach and impact across nations + it’s more sustainable for the Tensens as a young family. We now have online courses that over 1,000 people have enrolled in (mainly free).

Here Is Where We Want to Go.  

We want LeaderHeart to be a World Leader in the area of healing. Be it healing through Advanced Pastoral Care, Integrated Inner Healing, or Spiritual Growth.

Our Learn.Heal.Grow approach to ministry means we need to reach into spaces, places and topics that are currently void of a Christ-based approach and message to bring hope and healing.

To do this we need more help than ever before. These are the three big things you can help us achieve by partnering with us financially:

Premises of our own on the Sunshine Coast. We are using homes and casually rented offices which is not sustainable as we grow. We need a place of our own to work from, train from, and offer private ministry from.

Increased Staff. We are moving forward by faith bringing more people on team and staff at LeaderHeart because the need and opportunity are bigger than the two Tensens.

Afforded Rest. We spend a lot of time in other people’s messiness. It is always an honour but those who work in the area of other’s interior life and spiritual battles will tell you it’s very demanding. To sustain this type of work, we need to afford breaks. But, when funds are low, we must keep going and that is not sustainable (nor biblically acceptable). We want our team to be around for decades to come. 

We’ve setup this page with all the ways you can give including one-off gifts, monthly-gifts through Credit Card, PayPal, Direct debit and more.

It’s taken me a while to see this. And it wasn’t until I was on the side of neediness here. But it’s not just the monetary support, but the supportive heart behind every dollar, that lets us know people are really cheering us all on and willing to invest in the same Kingdom sphere we are so passionate about.  

So, thanks in advance!

Love and Blessings

David Tensen 
Co-Founder - LeaderHeart Ltd

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